Stanberry Educity helps you Check out if you’re eligible to immigrate abroad and find out if you qualify to become an international student. We will get back to you 1-2 business days.






    Stanberry Educity provides Free Professional Assessment of your Visa Options, Kindly submit accurate information about yourself, your partner and other family members included in your abroad migration plans. If you fill accurate information about yourself, we’ll get a better understanding of your future plans thus our expert counselors will guide you with the best possible career options and assist you to choose one according to your area and interest. Here We assure you that;

    • The information you share with us will always remain confidential
    • We do not require any evidence or document in respect of the information you provide
    • Our consultation and assessment services are absolutely free
    free visa assessment

    Why is our Professional Assessment & consultation services is free of Cost?

    free immigration assessment to canada

    We are genuine immigration consultants; demonstrate our commitment to your success who always remain upfront to clients with the best possible career guide and our counselors tailor personal advice that fits best with your career and interest. Stanberry Educity always provides a brief picture to applicants, right from the beginning and empowers individuals on every step of the immigration process and helps them make reliable decisions about their future.

    • We want you to know exactly where you stand when considering a move abroad
    • We do not make any false promises to our Clients
    • We only partner with those clients who have been carefully pre-assessed by our advisers