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An offer letter or acceptance letter is a mandatory document required by Immigration in an application for a study permit or ‘student visa.’ We will ensure that the offer letter is valid as per academic prerequisites and look if all conditions are met before you register for your program with international institutes and universities.


Once you land in a different country, and you are in a new environment, things quickly begin to seem out of your control. At times like this, it is crucial to have someone at hand to ground you like Stanberry Educity, who is familiar with every legal information about foreign education. Get in touch with us; we are known for our transparent work ethics and study visa processes. Check your eligibility with us and find your route to abroad.

Post Landing Services

Our post-landing services, designed to provide you peace of mind. Once you first land in the country where you always dream of getting immigrated, after that, we got your back for all types of pre-arranged additional post services from On-arrival pick up from the airport, options for temporary stay, Application for the bank account, credit card, driving license, and other related legal documentation to Providing regular updates on the job market and much more.

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