Australia Student Visa to PR Visa Requirements For International Students

Migrating to Australia is a dream of many international students who choose to study in Australia, and after completing the studies in Australia, one would often think about settling in this beautiful country. But how? That’s a persistent question in every international students’ mind. One would easily attain the residency by meeting several Australia PR requirements. There are many PR pathways for international students who graduated in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements for Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485:If you do not meet the Australia PR requirements, you can apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa to later obtain a permanent residency. Eligible International students can live and work in Australia temporarily after completing their studies for two years

  • You can apply for the visa under two workstreams:
  • The Post-Study Work Stream
  • Graduate Work Stream
  • Have skills and qualifications that Australia needs
  • Applicant must have completed a course with a minimum duration of two years in Australia
  • Meet minimum English Language Proficiency
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Australia PR Visa Process for International Students

Australia migration, PR Visas most popular pathways for international students are;

  1. Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa: The pathway point-tested visa that does not require any nomination or sponsorship. If you are graduated from Australia as an international student and do not have any employer sponsorship, you can apply for the Subclass 189 visa.
  2. Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa: This pathway is suitable for skilled workers and international students who are nominated by a territory or state government agency. They must prove appropriate skills assessment for the occupation under the Skilled Occupation List.
  3. Subclass 491 Skilled Regional Visa: To be eligible for this visa, you must get a sponsorship, fulfill skill requirements, or receive a nomination from either an Australian region, state, or territory.

Eligibility Requirements for Work visa options

  • For Australian Immigration, you need to between 18 years to 45 years of age
  • Meet minimum English Language Proficiency
  • Meet Educational qualification level (diploma, bachelor degree, master degree, or doctorate)
  • If applying under 190 or 491 visa, Australian territory or state must be nominated or sponsor the Applicant
  • Fulfill the basic requirements of health and character checks
  • Complete the skills assessment with the relevant assessing authority for the selected occupation
  • Overseas or Australian skilled employment experience in a nominated professional occupation
  • Two or more years of an academic course in Australia
  • Certification in one of the community languages in Australia
  • Complete government-authorized Professional Year Program (PYP) in Australia
  • Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

Australian PR Visa Application Process for International Students 

  • Check if you meet the eligibility requirements as per needed points
  • Check if you have the required proficiency in the English language by taking the specified English language test
  • Submit your Character and medical clearance certificate to the Australia Immigration department
  • Next step is to submit your police clearance certificates
  • Get your skills, qualifications, and experience documents assessed by the Skills assessment authority 
  • Register an Expression of Interest (EOI) on Australia’s Skill Select website
  • Get your Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Australia PR
  • Submit your PR application within 60 days
  • Australian Department of Home Affairs, thoroughly review your profile and grant you the visa
  • Get your PR Visa Approval

To know more information on the Australia PR requirements and process for international students, you can connect with us via filling an online query webform at our official website and get your immigration query resolved.


Why Indian students want to study in universities abroad?

Despite Covid-19 pandemic challenges, almost every young Indian student wishes to pursue their higher studies in universities abroad. Still, at the same time, it has put every international student’s study abroad plan on hold. Studying abroad is one of the most transformative and life-changing experiences for any individual. Stanberry Educity helps you make the most of this massive investment on time and with a cost-effective, proven approach to studying abroad in leading countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more. 

Top reasons why Indian students want to study in universities abroad;

  • More options than traditional academic courses
  • Advanced higher education 
  • Accessibility to admission and course abroad if you have academic credentials and you are financially secure.
  • The process for admission is relatively simple.
  • Students considering studying abroad as a golden opportunity
  • Top developed countries welcoming more immigrants into their homeland
  • Immigration linked with employment prospects to stay ahead in-game
  • Career growth at an exponential rate.

Steps To Follow To Study Abroad;

  • Find The Right College and Universities abroad.
  • Find The Right Course And Choose Right Career Path
  • Choose the country of your choice.
  • Start Coaching To Get Visas 
  • Get involved in the Admissions Process.
  • Look for trustworthy consultants for Post-landing Support.
  • Which document to submit for a student visa:
  • Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certificate
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
  • Approved health insurance cover
  • English language proficiency Certificate
  • Proof of funds is mandatory requirement.
  • Medical records to be eligible for admission
  • Verification of your criminal records
General requirements to study abroad?

The primary entry requirements vary between Country to Country and even universities. Every program has different needs, but Candidates, what you can do is carefully read out your shortlisted universities’ prospectus to know more about the requirements.

Suppose you are applying for an undergraduate course. In that case, you must prove that you have completed your secondary level education and have the acquired grades as indicated in the prospectus by the university.

If you are a non-native English speaker and want to study in an English-speaking country, you will need to take a prescribed English language proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL and get the required points or grades.

Countries such as the UK, U.S, Canada, Australia, and Paris require proof to ensure that you have enough funds to pay for the course that you want to study and live in that country independently. Showing your bank statements or copies of your income tax returns is always required. It would be best to have the updated band scores in your IELTS exams, which match studying abroad eligibility criteria. For more information call us, and get a student visa to study in various countries information in detail.

Apart from this, countries have different eligibility requirements but don’t overburden yourself because they share more similarities than differences.

Connect with us; 

Stanberry Educity is a leading study abroad consultant offering US, UK, Canada, Australia visa solutions, free career counseling, or career planning or advice services. Our career counselor’s team helps you choose the best study abroad program based on your interest and career choice. We help you make an informed professional decision for your career. We are unbiased in our approach and recommend the top universities/ colleges and courses to our students. Our counselors provide transparent and one-stop solution career overseas plans and end-to-end support to the students seeking opportunities to study abroad.



Canada Express Entry Process 2021

If you plan to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry system, you’ll become a permanent resident of Canada. In 2021, Canada is welcoming at least 401,000 new immigrants annually until 2023. On February 13th, 2021, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held the largest draw in history, with the lowest CRS cut-off requirement. It signals Canada’s intent to meet the immigrant intake target despite the ongoing pandemic. More than one-third of these newcomers will migrate through the Express Entry System – Canada’s most popular and streamlined skilled immigration pathway. 

With this latest draw, the number of ITAs issued by February 13th is now triple what it was at the same point in 2020. In 2021, Canada will be welcoming 108,500 immigrants through the three federal Express Entry streams – namely, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (for skilled workers living outside Canada), the Canadian Experience Class (for workers with Canadian work experience), and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (for people involved in trade occupations).

Canada Express Entry is a federal system of immigration, those who receive an invitation to apply through express entry can directly apply for Canada permanent residence under the program. And once you get a Canada Express Entry visa, you can settle anywhere in Canada. 

Express Entry system can help one win a Canadian PR visa within just six months or less. The period starts from the date of submitting the application. Before the introduction of the Express Entry system, when the application system was paper-based, there were a lot of obstacles that often delayed the processing. Documents used to get lost or misplaced in transition. The wait times for physical mail to arrive also used to delay the application processing. In the coming few years, Canada is planning to welcome more immigrants to the country. As a result, the IRCC may reduce the minimum CRS score required to be selected in the Express Entry draws. The required score is expected to go down further in the coming years as Canada planning to bring thousands more skilled immigrants to the country.

Canada Express Entry system: How does it work?

In order to apply for permanent residence status in Canada through Express Entry, a candidate must prove himself/herself eligible under one of the following federal economic immigration programs managed under the Express Entry.

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)

Benefits of the Express Entry system

Faster processing of applications

Electronic system

Reduced CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score requirements 

The federal system of immigration

How we can help? 

Stanberry Educity is an immigration consultant, our thorough process and end-to-end support ensure you take the right action at every step.

  • Qualification / Education Assessment
  • Customized Document Checklist and critical document templates
  • Guidance on key documentation requirements
  • Filing of an online application form to create a profile for Invitation
  • IELTS Guidance document, to help you set appropriate IELTS score requirements
  • Reference letter for express entry

If you wish to migrate to Canada through Express Entry, we can provide you the best support and guidance to ensure maximum success for your application. We help you through the Canada Express Entry process and make your Canadian dream come true. What keeps us apart from other immigration visa consultants, Chandigarh Mohali, is the fact that we are a group of Immigration counselors with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Canada’s immigration laws. Additionally, we also help our clients increase their chances with IELTS/TOEFL/PTE coaching and overseas job search services. Want to know more? Connect with us at



Looking for opting Creative Arts and Design Courses Abroad

Every country has its own distinct culture and art forms. While technology is advancing and evolving year after year, the availability of art & design courses has also been on the rise across the world for students wanting to study in dynamic and unique courses. Right from Producer to Director, Stage Manager to Script Writer, you can enroll in an array of courses to sculpt your career and future as you desire. If you are a student aspiring to study art and design courses abroad, there are umpteen opportunities in countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, and the UK. And guess what? There are a million pros in choosing arts and design courses.

Advantages of Studying Creative Arts and Design Courses Abroad

  • Broad Career Options from Photography to fashion, theatre arts, and videography, you can pick any design and art courses as per your choice, and could be employed in an industry/domain as soon as you complete the course. 
  • Specific Study Areas from creative Writing, Journalism, Literary studies, Media, Photography, Professional Creative Writing, Public relations, Visual arts, and Visual communication design arts to help international students pursue either a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • Opportunity to fine-tune your skills by learning quickly from the experts of the specific domain
  • Pursuing creative arts and design courses will help equip you with mandatory entrepreneur skills to accomplish your entrepreneur dreams comfortably. 
  • Opt for such specific creative art professionals courses like Fashion Designers, Artists, Travel Journalists, Motion Animators, and Wildlife Photographers and Travel periodically to countries worldwide as part of your work.

Soft Skills you can acquire through Creative and Arts Courses

  • Communication skills to project and share your creative ideas effectively in the corporate world.
  • Art courses enhance your communications skills and help you stand out in the competitive world.
  • Independent thinking, creative skills, and Creative thinking make you stand out from others and applying skills could engages and gains the target audience’s attention and attain recognition and earn millions
  • Teach students to Focus On Minute Details in every art and design profession
  • You can work in mainstream media and achieve your career dreams seamlessly.
How much an Arts and Design Course Graduates earn

On average, these graduates could make between 40,000$ and 165,000$ yearly. Some of the high paying creative art professions are:

  • Animator
  • Creative Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Fashion Designer

Stanberry Educity experts help you know more about the creative art and design courses, academic fees, and scholarships, fill in our web inquiry form today! Our expert counselors will reach out to you and clarify all your study abroad queries.


Top five reasons why you should choose to study abroad

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for a student. From building a global network to experiencing a new culture, the benefits of studying abroad are far-reaching. Studying overseas has tremendous advantages, from helping you revamp your communication skills to finding a good job and living the best life.

Below are the reasons how studying and living overseas can change your life for good

Wide-range of course options: International universities offer a diverse range of course options for students. Whether you are interested in skills-based training or research work, students can pick anything from their professional aspirations. Students can expand their knowledge while experiencing different education styles, cultures, and lifestyles. Specific programs allow you to opt for multiple courses simultaneously. So, students can pursue studies based on their interests and needs.

Experience new lifestyle

The most significant benefit of studying abroad is witnessing new cultures, meeting new people, and uniquely exploring your life. Students who study abroad develop cultural sensitivity, which ultimately helps them develop their views on society and opens them to new perspectives. Being in a foreign land can be an overwhelming and challenging experience as it tests your ability to adapt to diverse situations and deal with people from varied backgrounds.

Add-on to your Profile

Students who have completed their education from international universities are more employable and have firm profiles. Having an international degree makes an employer believe that you are flexible and confident enough to undertake any organization position that requires cultural awareness and strong communication skills. These are very attractive to future employers.

Improves your mindset as well as skillset

If you are choosing to study abroad, you will hone your language skills. While learning a language in a classroom setting is rewarding, implementing the same in real-life situations can be incredibly empowering. It also positively affects your career as many organizations seek employees who can compete globally and communicate with international clients. Using English in your day-to-day life might seem a daunting task; however, soon, it will become your go-to language with regular use. Having fluency in English will help you connect with other people easily, expand your network, and excel in your academic life.

International exposure

While you complete or finish your education program, you will learn about different approaches to specific situations, manage time between your studies and part-time jobs, and experience international methods of dealing with various circumstances. It helps students in developing new skills and boosts their understanding of subjects and real-life situations.

To know more about the Study visa, you can get in touch with us via filling out Stanberry online webform. 


Step-by-Step Guide to Extending your U.S. Visa

Stanberry Educity can help you extend your U.S. B-1 or B-2 visa during COVID-19. As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things about modern life. If you are currently in the U.S. on a B-1, B-2 or any other temporary visa, you may find yourself staying in the USA longer than initially anticipated due to the travel restrictions enacted because of COVID-19.

If you need to extend your I-94 date or U.S. visitor visa stay in the United States, you must file an extension of stay with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status before your authorized visit expires.

Visas are generally issued for six months, but an additional maximum extension of 6 months can be granted based on the USCIS approval. USCIS recommends that you apply to extend your stay at least 45 days before your authorized stay expires, but due to current events, even if you have less than 45 days, you should still apply so that you follow legal processes and stay on the record.

How to File a U.S. Visitor Visa Extension

Due to the extreme situation created by COVID-19, certain U.S. temporary visas, including B-1 and B-2 (for visitors and business travelers) visa holders, are eligible to file for an extension of their temporary U.S. visas if they are unable to return to their home country due to travel restrictions. USCIS will consider all extension applications under these extenuating circumstances.

Here is a step-by-step guide to filing for a visitor visa extension;

Form I-539, Application to Extend a Visitor Visa

  • Fill out Form I-539, Extension of a Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Include a written statement explaining your reasons for an extension.
  • Provide supporting documents to prove that your extended stay is temporary
  • Include copies of return air-tickets
  • Provide a copy of your I-94
  • Show financial independence and proof that you will not become a public charge in the U.S.
  • You should not have accessed any monetary state benefits or supplementary income from the state after February 11, 2020. If you have received any state benefits, please list them separately with supporting documentation
  • Documents showing that the effects of your extended stay on your foreign employment or residency
  • Submit $370 for filing fees (and $85 for biometric fees depending upon your petition)

Next Steps: After Filing Your U.S. Visitor Visa Extension

  • Once the extension application is submitted, USCIS will give you a receipt with a 13-digit case number.
  • You can check the status of your application as well as the processing times using your case number.
  • You can also call their customer service center at 1-800-375-5283 to ask about your case.

Things to Remember When Filing A Visitor Visa Extension

  • If possible, file your extension application 45 days before your stay is set to expire.
  • You can stay in the U.S. for 240 days after the expiry date on your I-94 if you have proof of an I-539 application.
  • The 13-digit case number and receipt notice by USCIS acts as proof of an existing I-539 document in the process.
  • Spouse and unmarried children under 21 years can be included on one Form I-539
  • To qualify, you can not have violated your visa status in any way and may not be a potential public charge.

While the above step-by-step process will help you file your visa extension with ease, do not hesitate to contact a legal immigration expert if you need assistance.

Stanberry Educity always recommends having a suitable travel medical insurance policy while you are in the U.S. to cover you financially if you have a medical emergency or need to be hospitalized due to coronavirus. If you already have a travel medical insurance policy, do not forget to renew your travel medical insurance plan. If you want to learn more or need assistance in acquiring a suitable travel medical insurance plan, please consult your immigration lawyer for legal consultation.


COVID-19: Impacts on Immigration and Immigrants, US

It feels like every day; there is something new about COVID-19 and its impact on the lives of Americans. For many, the rapid-fire news cycle has left them dazed and confused about how the government’s response to the virus impacts them.

This confusion is doubled, especially for aspiring Americans, green card holders, foreign workers on their H1-B, or international students who find themselves uncertain about their status in the country.

Know more about COVID-19 and its impact on immigrants and the immigration system;

USCIS Office Appointments May Be Rescheduled

USCIS has suspended routine in-person services for the public by closing its field offices, Application Support Centers, and Asylum offices. The offices are closed till June 4, and it could extend if the Coronavirus situation is not under control.

This means that most appointments will be automatically rescheduled, and the USCIS will send notices. However, in some instances, notices might not be sent, appointments will not be automatically scheduled and notices might not be sent as well. Instructions for all types of appointments can be found on the official website.

USCIS Is Still Accepting Immigration Applications

Even though the offices are closed for the public, USCIS staff are still performing duties that don’t involve contact with the public. So Green Card renewals, citizenship applications, I-130 petitions, I-485 applications, I-765 applications, and more immigration applications are still accepted.

If there are any immigration application related obligations coming up then you need to take care of it. The best way to prepare your immigration application is to use our online software service to prepare your immigration application and then send it to the USCIS.

Specific post application processes have changed. Keep reading to understand more about it.

Naturalization Oath Ceremonies Are Postponed

Due to COVID-19, getting your US citizenship may take you a little longer. USCIS has canceled all naturalization oath ceremonies through to at least June 4th. As a result, you can’t take your Oath of Allegiance, which is the final part of becoming a US citizen.

USCIS will reschedule your ceremony and send you the notice for your rescheduled ceremony by mail. Even though the Naturalization ceremonies are postponed USCIS still accepts naturalization applications from applicants.

If you were planning to become a U.S. citizen but put a hold on the application process due to the Coronavirus you should reconsider completing the application process now. Because USCIS proposed a fee increase for major application forms and Form N-400 was proposed to increase from the current cost of $640 to $1,170. That is a steep price increase. The proposal had an initial comment period which was then extended till February 10. We are way past the comment period and it is highly likely that the fee increases could go live anytime soon.

With the Coronavirus affecting the economy, this move to increase the fees could be considered as the right choice and it could go live soon. So don’t wait.

Since you are most likely under lockdown completing the application process can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Use our online software to prepare you Form N-400 from the comfort of your home.

Renewal of Employment Authorization Documents Will Be Processed Without Biometrics Appointments

If you had applied for renewal of employment authorization and had an appointment scheduled with an ASC after March 18 or you filed Form I-765 for renewal of employment authorization document (EAD) after the office closure then USCIS will process your application using previously submitted biometrics.

So if you are looking to renew your employment authorization document then you may do so without any issues. And since you might be in a lockdown getting the application done could be a hassle. So try using our online software service to prepare your Form I-765 application.

We make it easy for you to prepare your application.

Your Due Dates May Be Extended

If you have received any requests for evidence (RFE), notices of intent to deny (NOID), a notice of intent to revoke (NOIR), and notices of intent to terminate (NOIT), you will now have 60 extra days to submit a response. These 60 additional days start from the response date stated in the RFE, NOID, NOIR, or NOIT. Any actions resulting from these requests will likewise only occur after these 60 days have passed. This 60 days grace period only applies for RFE, NOID, NOIR and NOITs issued between March 1 and May 1, 2020. If your request dated outside of this date range, the due date stated in the letter will continue to apply.

You May Be Able to Work As A Student – Provided You Apply

If you are a student that has been impacted financially by COVID-19, such that you face severe economic hardship, USCIS has stated that it may allow you to work. However, you may submit Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and Form I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status. Your application must also be approved before you are able to work – but if it is, you will be able to work off-campus, in 1-year increments, up to the point of your graduation.

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Providing more COVID-19 impacts for aspiring US immigrants most likely around the corner. We’ll make sure to keep you up to date on the top things you need to know!


Applying To UK’s Top Universities Through Clearing

Do you need help getting the best university place through UCAS clearing 2020? Stanberry Educity ensures you get on the very best course in the right university for you. UCAS Clearing is part of the UCAS university application system in the UK. It is open to students who do not hold an offer or who haven’t met the conditions of their university offer. Universities with spaces on courses advertise these through Clearing.

How does university Clearing work?

In the UK, university Clearing is undertaken via the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The UCAS website will list any undergraduate courses that still have vacancies before starting the new academic year. Clearing begins in July and runs through to September. You can apply for a course via UCAS during this period, provided you don’t already hold an offer from a university or college and that your chosen course still has placed. There is a £20 fee to apply for a single course or a £25 fee for multiple courses. Once you have submitted your Clearing application, UCAS will match you to courses you may be interested in. Using what is known about you through your application and what universities and colleges are looking for in a student, you will be matched to up to 50 university Clearing courses that are applicable to you. You can then express your interest, and your chosen university will contact you if they have the vacancies and you meet their entry requirements.

Each year, approximately 60,000 students find their place in university via university Clearing, so there’s a high chance you’ll find a course to suit you.

UK Clearing Requirements and Eligibility

  • You applied in the current application year.
  • You did not receive any offers on your preferred university applications.
  • You declined your offers.
  • You did not accept any of your offers by the due date.
  • You did not meet the conditions of your offers (e.g., you did not receive the correct grade during exams)
  • You declined your firm place.
  • You applied for a course but were declined or unsuccessful, and you paid the full fee for the application.

Application Process

  • Know your deadline
  • Track your UCAS application
  • Get advice from your school your school
  • Take an English skills test
  • Seek out available courses
  • Try talking to the universities or colleges offering Clearing courses
  • Add your Clearing choice in Track

Get in touch: 

Our UCAS Clearing advice and support shares many of the services from our university application support service. If you would like to find out more, please contact us to speak to one of our advisers. Our expert advisers at Stanberry Educity can counsel you, review your exam results, and identify a suitable degree course for you, based on your choice of subject and location. For more information on the UK Clearing process, visit the UCAS website


Covid-19: Important Information about PTE Academic test

Our primary focus is on ensuring the health and safety of PTE Academic test takers, our employees, and test center administrators. Stanberry continuously monitoring the global situation daily and are actively following advice from governments and healthcare authorities.

Are you wondering what to expect from your PTE Academic test? Please familiarise yourself with the test format and different question types using our Preparation test series with videos and examples of every trial question. Join our free Introduction to PTE Academic. In just a few hours, develop a better understanding of PTE Academic with guided learning and advice to help you build confidence towards the exam! Feeling more confident Now? It’s time to take a Scored Practice Test, which reproduces the test conditions. Give yourself 3 hours with no interruptions, set up your headset correctly, and go for it. It will provide you with a good idea of how you will need to perform on the test day.

Before your appointment

  1. If you are unwell or exhibiting symptoms such as fever and respiratory difficulties, you must not attend your testing appointment and cancel or reschedule it in advance
  2. Check your Government’s official advice if you think you may be subject to travel restrictions. We recommend you do this before booking or travelling for a test
  3. If you feel your test center location may be closed or at risk of closing, please actively monitor your email account as you automatically be sent a cancellation notice in advance.

Attending your appointment – Health & Safety

  • You must wear a face mask at all times during your test appointment.
  • Please cover your nose and mouth in case of sneezing or coughing.
  • Wash your hands or utilize hand sanitizer upon arrival at the test centre
  • You will acknowledge that you have not been in contact with any affected persons and that you are not exhibiting any symptoms.
  • Some test centers may require candidates to provide a temperature check upon arrival.
  • You will be allowed to wear disposable gloves during the test. However, these gloves will be examined both before and after the test.

Cancellation and Rescheduling of PTE Academic test Appointments

  • In Case the test center suspends a test, test takers with appointments scheduled during the period of suspension will be sent a cancellation notice by email
  • Test takers who pay by credit or debit card will be automatically refunded their test fee if the test is postponed.
  • Test takers who booked using a voucher will be able to book an alternative appointment using the same code when test appointments are available.
  • Check the update for candidates on the rescheduling of test appointments.

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We are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of queries. Our team is doing everything they can to respond to your questions or doubts as quickly as possible.